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Testimonies Vol.  6, page 352 "But elohim has set His Seal upon His Royal Requirement. Each sabbath institution (both true and false-R&H) bears the name of its Author, an ineffaceable Mark that shows the authority of each. It is our work to lead the people to understand this. We are to show them that it is of vital consequence whether they bear the Mark of Elohim's Kingdom or the Mark of the kingdom of rebellion, for they acknowledge themselves subjects of the kingdom whose Mark they bear.

 S.D.A. Bible Commentary Vol. 1
-CT- Exodus
-PR- 06
-PG- 1104

 Precepts Given to Guard Decalogue. --In consequence of continual
transgression, the moral law was repeated in awful grandeur from Sinai.
The Messiah gave to Moses religious precepts which were to govern everyday life.
These statutes were explicitly given to guard the ten commandments. They
were not shadowy types to pass away with the death of The Messiah. They were to
be binding upon men in every age as long as time should last. These commands
were enforced by the power of the moral law, and they clearly and definitely
explained that law (Ibid., April 15, 1875).

(Isa. 58:13, 14). Every Specification Is Elohim's Character. --The
Elohim of heaven has placed a benediction upon them that keep the commandments
of Elohim. Shall we stand as a peculiar people of Elohim, or shall we trample upon
the law of Elohim and say it is not binding? Elohim might just as well have
abolished Himself. In the law every specification is the character of the
infinite Elohim (MS 12, 1894).

 S.D.A. Bible Commentary Vol. 1
-CT- Exodus
-PR- 03
-PG- 1105
(Rom. 12:1; 2 Peter 1:4). A Wall of Protection. --In the ten
commandments Elohim has laid down the laws of His kingdom. Any violation of the
laws of nature is a violation of the law of Elohim.

-BC- 13MR
-TI- Manuscript Releases Volume Thirteen
-CN- 1061
-CT- Additional Light for Elohim's People
-PR- 02
-PG- 334
I stated that I was a stockholder and I could not let the resolution pass, that there was to be special light for Elohim's people as they neared the closing scenes of this earth's history. Another angel was to come from heaven with a message, and the whole earth was to be lightened with his glory. It would be impossible for us to state just how this additional light would come. It might come in a very unexpected manner, in a way that would not agree with the ideas that many have conceived. It is not at all unlikely, or contrary to the ways and works of Elohim, to send light to His people in unexpected ways. Would it be right that every avenue should be closed in our school so that the students could not have the benefit of this light? The resolution was not called for .--Letter 22, 1889.

White Estate
Washington, D. C.
May 17, 1984

3 days - 4th quarter shabat, then a 2 day New Moon, a three day regular long lunar weekend.

This video from WLC explains further evidence of the SDA Church, why they kept the Lunar Sabbath from the people:

Biblical Proof when a Day Spring's forth, zip file with pdf & two chart files

-PT- The Signs of the Times
-DT- 04-17-93
-AT- Overcome As The Messiah Overcame
-PR- 07
Yehoshua says: "Follow me." "He that followeth me shall not walk in
darkness, but shall have the light of life." Consider it not a hard duty. The
commandments of Elohim are his expressed character flowing out of a heart of
love in thoughtful plans that man may be preserved from every evil. They are
not to exercise an arbitrary authority over man, but Yehovah would have men
act as his obedient children, members of his own family. Obedience is the
outgrowth and fruit of oneness with The Messiah and the Father. "By this we know
that we love the children of Elohim, when we love Elohim, and keep his
commandments. For this is the love of Elohim, that we keep his commandments; and
his commandments are not grievous. For whatsoever is born of Elohim overcometh
the world; and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our

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Biblical Proof for the Lunar Sabbath - by John   D. Keyser


Daniel & Revelation - from the Holy Name Bible - PDF

The Sabbath More Fully Calendar Bitmap of Lunar Sabbath Page

Bitmap of one page in the Table of Scriptural Readings From
The Holy Scriptures - According To The Masoretic Text - A New Translation - With The Aid Of Previous Versions And With Constant Consultation of Jewish Authorites

Snares of Satan

-TI- Ellen G. White: The Early Years Volume 1 - 1827-1862
-CN- 6
-CT- Sustained in a Continued Ministry
-PR- 02
-PG- 92
The Large Family Bible

The "large" Bible Ellen called for after this vision in her home in
Portland was, presumably, the "big Bible" now in the White Estate
vault with the names of Robert and Eunice Harmon stamped in gold
on the spine, or back--a Bible eighteen inches long, eleven inches
wide, four inches thick, and weighing 18.5 pounds. It was printed in
Boston by Joseph Teal in the year 1822 and is illustrated with
twenty-six beautiful steel engravings. Between the Old and the New
Testaments a sheet bears the family record, filled in by James White.
It also contains, between the Testaments, the books of the Old
Testament apocrypha.